Below you'll find some of the work I designed for Turner Broadcasting's prolific kids' TV channels Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Cartoonito. They were all made for social platforms (mainly Instagram and PopJam). You'll find a mix of interactive puzzles, cute pics, and lots of fun stuff to click on! 
Working with their iconic characters was so much fun, especially when I get to put my own spin on them for special occasions. I had a lot of fun game-ifying the usual social posts -  like turning stories and swipe-posts into mini games and adventures. It was a real highlight of my time at Turner!
The above is a swipe-post that I created for the Cartoon Network 'Be A Buddy' campaign, intended to teach kids about kindness and to combat bullying. I incorporated an interactive 'find the object' element to keep the audience engaged, and it helped that the show 'Summer Camp Island' is incredibly cute!
Below are a selection of character assets I drew - often for seasonal occasions or national days. Most of this was created in Adobe Illustrator to attempt to replicate the original style of the cartoons, though I do like to sketch in Photoshop / Procreate too.   
Game-ified stories - motion design & animation
(English translation: 'tap to light a torch!' - 'try again!' - 'weekdays at 6:30')
The GIFs here show game-ified story format videos. The text encourages the user to 'tap' the screen to skip to the next story, which acts as a convincing mechanism to perform an in-game action. For each of these asset series, there were 5 or 6 videos - each subsequent video has an increasing degree of success. 
This motion image invokes some character exposition, as well as a sense of competitiveness in the comments section (something that proves very useful if you're looking to raise engagement stats). To observe best practices and copyright, the 'imposter' is a character design by the same animation studios as the cartoon being showcased. (I'm not telling you who it is, though...) 

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