In late 2023, a friend approached me to help out with branding & logo design for their new company - Plush Society is an online yarn shop and budding community hub for people who love to knit & crochet. I was determined to bring her ideas to life and to help her launch her wonderful business. 
I started by asking my client - Chloe-  to put together a mood-board of logos, visual vibes, etc. so that I could get a sense of what she wanted, and put together some initial ideas that we could workshop together. The blurb she gave me was: I quite like the look of groovy retro 60s type branding, but I don't want it to overpower or clash with the colourful yarn if that makes sense. I am very clear on what I don't want it to be - I don't want it to be 'white-girl-scandi-beige-jumper-knitter-on-instagram' aesthetic. Definitely unisex, and something a bit fun and not typical knitting theme.
Once we had the general layout sorted, I moved on to sorting out fonts and incorporating a flourish - I was keen on the idea of having a strand of yarn pulling the two words together, and drew up various iterations to get Chloe's feedback. 
We settled on a final version, and were both very happy with the outcome. I put together some colour variations for style & dark/light mode purposes, and Plush Society was ready to go live! 

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