Created with Photoshop and Illustrator, this currency set was a MSc digital design project; the year is 2146 and most of the world is underwater. The remaining nations have formed a subterranean alliance (the COIN), and currency (CREDs) is international. 
I developed a currency for the Nile Kingdom - what was once the Egypt area, and so took inspiration from various Egyptian antiquities and lost buildings, as well as several animals from the region that I thought would have thrived in this new water world and become aspirational symbols for humans. Each piece of currency features both a local animal and a section of the 'Old Nile', along with ancient artefacts, important buildings, and the COIN scarab logo. 
I think my favourite part of this project was making the patterns - I really love placing elements from the natural world in my designs, so from birds to reptilian eyeballs, coming up with the concepts was a lot of fun.
The C-Mist swipe card is a pre-paid card for use on the transport system:
For this project I also designed a propaganda motion poster - I liked the idea that the Bank of COIN would be a kind of central intelligence organisation (think Ministry of Information in Terry Gilliam's Brazil) that managed not only currency but housing, transport, energy, etc. The poster features the Maglev train and plays on real estate marketing for new builds we see in the real world. 

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