Train and station modelled in Maya, textures and bump-maps created in Photoshop. Rendered using Arnold. 
This 3D Maglev train was a MSc project; the year is 2146 and most of the world is underwater. The remaining nations have formed subterranean alliances, which are joined by interconnecting tunnels and serviced by high-speed Maglev trains. 
I was assigned the 'Nile Kingdom' for this project, and so I took inspiration from various Egyptian antiquities and cultural characteristics. We can assume that resources in this future dystopia are limited, so I wanted to have the train partially constructed from found materials - hammered brass to echo a desert colour, plane seats re-upholstered to show a Nile Kingdom pattern (and reminiscent of London tube seating). 
This was my first foray in to 3D design, and the result was something that wouldn't look out of place in a spooky episode of Doctor Who.

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