3D assets made in Maya, UI elements in Photoshop and game constructed in Unity using C# (with standard Unity vegetation assets used). Sound design by me, using GarageBand synths, CC birdsong and my own voice box. 
One full level made and two further mocked - Runi's Tale was a MSc degree project, designed and built in 3 months (alongside 2 other projects!), and was my first foray in to Unity. The game is a story-driven, first-person adventure game based on the world of Fedran (as per the given brief). The player explores the game as Runi - a young adult who is motivated by a fallen Queen whispering in their ear and promises of rare mage powers. Runi must complete puzzles to find 3 'source stones' in order to restore the Queen's magic, but along the way we begin to suspect that she is not quite as benevolent as she first seems...
Runi's Tale features alien trees, purple portals, bubblegum-coloured 'shadow realms' and some very ominous crows. I wanted the game to feel contrasted - on one hand you have this kitsch-looking world, and on the other there's a definite feeling of dread evoked by the narration and sound. I'm a big fan of adventure puzzlers - so games like MYST, Gone Home, Year Walk and the Rusty Lake apps had a strong influence on Runi's Tale. 

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