These were in-app (PopJam) content for Kraft Lunchables, based around their character IP. I created and curated the look of the Lunchables channel - making a library of character assets, templates, titles, and backgrounds. These rich content (pop-up interstitial) posts were bespoke, and built using the events system in our in-house studio programme. 
Platy & Jackie's Mixed Up Adventures - below - is rich content format that plays on the brands 'mix-it-up' tagline - users hit the button and get a different 'mixed-up' adventure with each click. 
Odd-One-Out' (mockup) - below - as there were lots of static Lunchables content on PopJam I wanted to come up with a fun new game format to mix things up a bit. The content for Kraft needed to catch the eye and encourage engagement, so I used super bright colours and the tried and tested 'odd-one-out' format to further draw in players - plus, each 'tap' would count as a measurable user engagement, which helped hit KPIs. This would have been made using animations and events only, so it was important to come up with something simple yet effective. 

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